Taiwan’s Public Television Services features NAS technology

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Next Animation Studio was featured in Taiwan’s Public Television Services.
Public Television Services (PTS) created a special segment, named【你所不知道的創意科技】, to cover NAS motion capture technology, the segment was hosted by Taiwanese entertainer Patty Wu (吳怡霈). The segment also featured NAS’s lightning-fast news production pipeline and real-time animation technology, where the host interacted with 3D animated characters through TomoLive, as well as getting a hands-on experience as a motion capture actor.

Next Animation Studio is hailed as the fastest animation studio in the world because it is able to produce news animation under 3 hours!

Next Animation Studio is home to the largest motion capture studio in Taiwan. NAS offers complete motion capture services from beginning to end. NAS technical staff will assist you throughout the process from character plotting, to capturing motion, to data clean up.

TomoLive is a portable hardware system that gives life to 3D animated characters, allowing real-time interactions with a live audience.

Watch a preview of the segment here.