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Job Brief:

An exciting opportunity exists for a senior Unreal engine engineer to join Next Animation Studio (NAS) production team based in Taiwan. The senior Unreal engine engineer will be working on our next-generation set of rendering pipeline. The candidate will also be working on engine integrations, designing and building the virtual reality workflow by Unreal Engine. The ideal candidate is an experienced software engineer with expertise in the games/graphics industry with a passion for virtual reality.


1. Design and architect solutions based on state-of-the-art rendering and shading technologies to fit NAS environment.
2. Build and maintain relationships with key artists, working directly with them to solve rendering and shading challenges.
3. Keep abreast of the state of the art in rendering as well as available commercial game engine plus software, serving as a knowledge resource for technologies used in production at NAS.
4. Partner closely with the art team to help define and implement their vision.
5. Participate in discussions surrounding future technologies and systems regarding their appropriateness of solution.
6. Collaborate & communicate with other members of the production/rendering team, leading projects and project teams as appropriate.
7. Work well in groups smoothly coordinating and collaborating across multiple, diverse teams.
8. Working closely with designers in developing and iterating on game mechanics and systems.
9. Collaborating with internal and external cross-disciplinary teams.


1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or related field
2. Experience building a game engine
3. 3D math and 3D graphics with OpenGL and DirectX experience
4. Good Communication skills
5. Virtual Reality experience
6. 3+ years of software engineering on games.
7. 3+ years’ experience with 3D graphics.
8. 3+ years’ experience with gameplay system design or game tool development.
9. 3+ years’ experience with feature implementation.
10. 3+ years’ experience with game engines including Unreal or Native Engine development.
11. 5+ years’ experience with C/C++ programming on systems.
12. Experience in gameplay prototyping and engineering.



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