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1. Execute excellent design that translates the attitude and value of the properties and brand across all lines of business
2. Ensure a consistent presentation of the property’s and brand’s creative vision across all lines of business
3. Adapt new designs and integrate personal design strengths with established styles to extend and refresh properties design aesthetic
4. Work with the Next Animation Studio LOB’s and outside partners in product development
5. Work with the Next Animation Studio LOB’s in creating and executing art and graphic materials to fulfill their business needs
6. Determine if product and graphic materials are aesthetically and conceptually appropriate for the properties sensibilities/program
7. Establish a high level of design and aesthetic excellence that will enhance the property and brand
8. Safeguard and promote the Next Animation Studio brands and maintain the creative visions of the company
9. Act in accordance to the Creative Ideal directive
10. Act in accordance within the product development review directive
11. Help to train and manage new and junior designers



1. Design and execute graphics for properties and the brand
2. Explore new design avenues that will enhance the property and its vision
3. To creatively communicate to a goal or business need
4. Research and source new design elements to enhance the design teams properties including fonts, color palettes, patterns, and other graphic materials
5. Decide on creative direction of project with art director and brainstorm best methods to meet goals and deadlines keeping in mind all business restrictions
6. Approve art and design of submissions; may be trusted to be final authority on minor issues
7. Work with Art Director, Licensing group and outside partners in developing and approving graphic materials for the properties and brand
8. Work with Creative Directors and Art Director to develop concept boards for new business based on creative strategy
9. Stay current in design trends and new technology
10. Seek out new and innovative design styles, illustration and photography
11. Seek to establish new contacts with design firms and out of house talent
12. Meet with Project Manager to discuss projects including goals, budget and delivery time
13. Aid in training other designers and junior designers in the Nickelodeon businesses
14. Meet with more junior designers to train, instruct and direct them in Next Animation Studio businesses and practices
15. Enhance Next Animation Studio’s creative expertise to the outside design community via design award submissions as well as speaking engagements


1. Strong creative abilities, design sense and aesthetic judgement
2. Strong in typography, layout and use of color
3. Computer knowledge in major design applications (Quark, Illustrator, and PhotoShop)
4. Creative thinker and problem solver
5. Significant knowledge of print production and licensed products
6. Strong written and oral communication skills
7. Demonstrates leadership capabilities
8. A sense of humor
9. An innate feel for the Next Animation Studio style and attitude
10. Strong ability to receive creative direction and feedback
11. Ability to interpret creative visions and execute
12. Ability to articulate creative visions and evaluate quality of creative products
13. Ability to take a project from initiation through completion; experience in all phases of development and execution
14. Ability to identify with kids, their issues, and their culture and to understand their mentality
15. Ability to work in pressured and constantly changing environments



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