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Next Animation Studio’s NextLab department was featured in the June edition of Taoyuan Youth Can. Taoyuan Youth Can is a bi-monthly publication from the Taoyuan government, which is targeted to young entrepreneurs and start-up culture.

The feature highlighted NAS Light Stage, CloudEye (Augmented Reality technology), TomoLive (real-time animation), VR technology.

Light Stage is the most advanced 3D facial scanning technology in the world, its cutting-edge scanning technology that can digitally capture a human face with unprecedented realistic accuracy.

CloudEye is a flexible Augmented Reality technology that can transform people’s experience with everyday objects.

TomoLive allows users to interact in real time with animated avatars. Facial expressions, body motion, and even finger movements can all be easily captured through a sensor suit, allowing the actor to effortlessly control the animated avatar.

NAS VR technology delivers high-quality animated immersive experiences using pioneering technology and production techniques to seamlessly integrate content to any VR platform.

NAS feature can be found in page 12-13.