‘Double Hard,’ ‘Kurokan,’ and ‘Horror News’ now available on YouTube

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Next Animation Studio’s CG-animated adaptations of Japanese manga titles Double Hard, Kurokan, and Horror News are now available on YouTube. New episodes will be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

The CG-animated adaptations preserves the manga’s original artwork, frames, compositions, and dialogue bubbles. The manga pages come to life through this unique visual format, allowing viewers to engage with the manga series in a new way.

Double Hard is a manga series created by Konno Naoki. The story follows underground fighter Hayami Daiki. Hayami, known as the “Invincible Boxer” is half of the legendary tag-team “Two Man Army”. His partner, Takayama Jin, is a pro fighter who always comes out on top, even when his opponents bend the rules. Any thug who crosses them will get a fast and violent lesson in the art of fighting!

Horror News narrates the story of Rei Kigata, a young boy who did not believe in ghosts, spirits, or anything supernatural. But one night, as the clock struck twelve, a newspaper called “Horror News” materialized out of thin air. Horror News continues to arrive night after night, and his morbid curiosity compels him to read every volume. Too afraid to open its pages, yet too gripping to look away, reading Horror News once will scare a hundred days off your life!

Kurokan is a baseball themed manga series created by Norifusa Mita. It tells the story of a school baseball team manager named Kuroki Ryuji, also known as Kurokan. With his unorthodox training methods and baseball strategies, he motivates his team to strive for the championship.

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