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Statement from Next Animation Studio

Recently, there have been unfounded rumors that Next Animation Studio is moving all of its animation production team to Indonesia. Since 2015, Next Animation Studio’s news animation production team has cooperated with a local animation studio in Bali, while maintaining its own animation teams in Taipei. Currently, discussions are in progress to relocate part of this production back to Taipei, and increase the size of the animation team in Taipei. Since its beginning, Next Animation Studio has prioritized cultivating Taiwanese talent, and has shown dedication to developing animation production as well as research and development in Taiwan. In this competitive market, Next Animation thrives by improving its technology and increasing efficiency to meet and exceed quality standards. Spreading untrue information about competitors is not how we operate.

If you hear dubious or suspicious information about Next Animation Studio, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may clarify on its veracity.

Thank you for working with us to create a healthy competitive market.

Contact Person: Olive Lu
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +886 02 6607 8320

“Inuyashiki” is now in theatres!

The long-awaited Japanese science fiction movie “Inuyashiki”, which uses Light Stage technology to produce digital humans, hit Taiwan theaters on June 22! Noritake Kinashi, who plays the main character in the film, came to NAS’ Light Stage for the scanning process. Both Japanese and Taiwanese media coverage of the movie have detailed the use of Light Stage to produce the film’s main character.

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NAS and boclips collaborate to enrich classrooms

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with boclips, a platform that aggregates over 2 million video clips and maps them to curricula and courses used by education providers around the world.

Forecasted to account for 80% of all the educational content on the internet by 2019, boclips believes that video must play a proportional role in the classroom moving forward.

NAS has carefully curated a selection of high-quality content to share with boclips, including episodes from ‘Out of this Word’, a series aimed to entertain and educate children, as well as scientific explainers, to help students by providing illustrations that are highly conceptual or technical in nature.

Get your daily TomoNews fix on LINE TODAY!

Next Animation Studio is proud to announce its latest partnership with LINE Taiwan to deliver daily news animations to LINE TODAY.

LINE TODAY is a global news service, providing a centralized platform for all the latest news around the world. Every day, TomoNews will deliver its unique animated news stories that cover topics from the latest trend taking over social media to the latest scientific discovery.

We’re excited to bring TomoNews’ animated news to a new audience via LINE TODAY’s distribution network.

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Spy Penguin now available on Tencent and iQiyi!

We are excited to announce that Spy Penguin is now available on Tencent and iQiyi!

Tencent and iQiyi are both well known content platforms in Asia and around the world, with over 950 million monthly visits (combined)!

Spy Penguin features a covert team of three penguins armed with high-tech weapons fight evildoers to defend and save the city of Paris. Fans from around the world have watched over 1 million minutes of Spy Penguin in 2017.

Spy Penguin to be available on Toon Goggles!


We’re happy to announce that Spy Penguin will now be available on Toon Goggles!

Toon Goggles is a kids-safe content platform with over 5 million users (and growing!), available in 18 languages and in over 200 countries.

Spy Penguin features a covert team of three penguins armed with high-tech weapons fight evildoers to defend and save the city of Paris. Fans from around the world have watched over 1 million minutes of Spy Penguin combined in 2017. We’re excited to bring the show to a new audience and expand its fan base through Toon Goggle’s vast distribution network.

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NAS featured in special 500th edition of Brain magazine

Next Animation Studio (NAS) was recently featured in the 500th edition of Brain magazine! Brain magazine, which was first issued in 1977, has been committed to “communicating creativity” for the past 40 years. In this special edition, Brain explores the evolution of five creative industries in Taiwan and the new opportunities and challenges that have emerged in the digital era.

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YouTube viewers watched 21 million minutes of Mad Box Zombies in October

Next Animation Studio is excited to announce that its original animation series Mad Box Zombies has recently surpassed a new milestone of 21 million minutes watched and over 6 million views! With over 14,000 subscribers, this zany zombies series has been especially popular in Indonesia, Thailand, and the United States.

In addition, new videos are being released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mad Box Zombies is available in 8 languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa, Spanish, Thai, and Portuguese.

Don’t forget to subscribe for your daily dose of bloody zombie adventures.

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NAS creates visual design for The Sense of Music by PACE Foundation

The Sense of Music: A classical concert that showcases the use of music recognition technology and animation to bring music into a visual medium


TAIPEI, TAIWAN (October 20, 2017) – The Sense of Music, funded by the International Pacing Art Culture Education Foundation (PACE), is a classical concert performed in a revolutionary style. New technology and animation will be used to bring the music into a visual medium, thus creating a brand new concert-going experience for not only novices to classical music, but also for those who already appreciate the genre. The concert will be held on November 2, 2017 at the National Concert Hall. Next Animation Studio is proud to be participating in this historic event in leading the visual design of the performance. The studio’s production team worked side-by-side with sound specialists from Academia Sinica to transform the music into visual abstractions that would engage a live audience. Continue Reading