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Next Animation Studio to attend Future Commerce

Come see us at the 2017 Future Commerce Exhibition, booth D1-0304! Immerse yourself in our exciting new Karen Senki VR experience, where players can fight evil drones alongside Karen. The popular VR module from Jimmy Liao’s latest picture book, All of My World Is You, will also be available.

TomoLive will be on display, so stop by to interact with our 3D characters and see how TomoLive works!

The 2017 Future Commerce Exhibition will be held on April 27-29 at Taipei Expo Park in Yuanshan. Register now for a free entrance!

Take a look at the latest @Business Next article featuring our NextLab team! Read about NextLab’s operations and how they keep NAS at the forefront of animation technology.

NAS brings original animation series Spy Penguin to global audience

Spy Penguin follows the adventures of a covert team of three penguins – Rooky, Texture and Roborobo, and their quest to protect the city they love – Paris. A wave of darkness looms over, as a gang of evildoers attempt to destroy the city with every opportunity they have. Luckily for Parisians, the Spy Penguins are agents of the secret organization P.E.A.C.E. and armed with an amazing array of high tech weapons, they will stop at nothing to save the city each and every day!

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Mad Box Zombies is now available on YouTube!

Next Animation Studio’s original animation series Mad Box Zombies tells the story of 10 mischievous, miniature animal zombies whose daily antics always end up with somebody getting killed. For a Mad Box Zombie, the best way to die is to die laughing.
Mad Box Zombies is currently available on YouTube in 8 different languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa, Spanish, Thai and Portuguese. New episodes are available every day, so subscribe now for your daily dose of bloody zombie adventures! Continue Reading

NAS partners with National Museum of Prehistory, recreates settlement using AR

Crescent Slate Pillar – Slate pillars are one of the defining characteristics of Peinan Culture. This crescent slate pillar is a permanent landmark at the Beinan Site Park.

Taipei, Taiwan (March 6,2017) – Next Animation Studio (NAS) today announced a new partnership with the National Museum of Prehistory to reconstruct the prehistoric settlement of Peinan Culture using the studio’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology and 3D animation. Visitors will be able to experience how people of the Peinan Culture built their dwelling structures on the original sites.

In order to create a unique and engaging AR experience, NAS is working closely with archaeologists and other specialists to design an interactive game that will allow visitors to take part in the excavation process, uncover artifacts, and learn about the Peinan Culture from 3,000 years ago. Visitors will also get a chance to win a prize for completing the game.

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New Year, New Look: TomoNews Unveils New Logo

tomonews_blue_stacked-400x400TAIPEI, TAIWAN (January 9, 2017) – TomoNews is sporting a brand new logo: a bold blue torus symbolizing the globe, which also reflects the international reach of its animated news. The simple design complements the colorful animations for which TomoNews has become known to loyal viewers around the world. The brand relaunch builds upon the success of TomoNews, which now generates more than 220 million views globally each month.
Launched in 2013 in Japan and the United States, TomoNews quickly built an audience thanks to its irreverent and entertaining voice combined with its quirky animations. TomoNews is known for always telling a news story like it is. Funny, edgy and often sarcastic, TomoNews reacts to a story in the way a viewer might—with laughter, outrage or head-scratching wonderment.
“We have made major strides since launching TomoNews four years ago and it was the right time for a major change. The new logo achieves what we set out to do in giving TomoNews a fresh, updated look,” said Michael Logan, Content Development Director at Next Animation Studio. Continue Reading

NAS partners with AID-DCC to bring TomoLive’s real-time animation technology to Japan

aid_dcc1-editTAIPEI, TAIWAN (December 16, 2016) – Next Animation Studio (NAS) announces a new partnership with the creative agency AID-DCC, in a strategic effort to bring its innovative real-time animation technology, TomoLive, to Japan. Through this partnership, NAS will be able to reach a wider Japanese client-baseas well as explore innovative new ways to develop and utilize the TomoLive technology at AID-DCC events.

TomoLive is a portable hardware system that gives life to 3D animated characters, allowing real-time interactions with a live audience. Facial expressions, body motion, and even finger movements can all be easily captured through a sensor suit, allowing the actor to effortlessly control the animated avatar. Real-time rendering allows the actor to engage with a live audience, in person or through on-line streaming. TomoLive’s hardware fits easily into a 90 centimeters square cart making it extremely compact and portable. TomoLive can be easily incorporated into AID-DCC’s events, media collaborations, theme parks and other potential opportunities.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to partner with NAS and bring TomoLive to Japan for the first time. We have been working to create new ways to utilize the TomoLive technology, to provide our clients with unique, innovative, and highly engaging services. I am confident that with NAS’ technical capabilities and AID-DCC’s creativity, we will be able to push TomoLive to new heights.” said Yukihiro Tominaga, President of AID-DCC. Continue Reading

Next Animation Studio attends GTC Conference, showcases NextLab technology

Next Animation Studio attends GTC Conference, showcases NextLab technology

Head of NextLab, RH Shih, was a speaker at GTC Conference in Taipei, the world’s largest conference for GPU developers. Hosted by NVIDIA, the conference gathers developers, researchers, and scientists through unique educational and networking opportunities.

During his session, RH shared some of the NextLab technologies including Tomolive‘s real time animation, CloudEye‘s augmented reality features and Light Stage‘s scanning technology.



TAIPEI, TAIWAN (June 17, 2016) — Next Animation Studio (NAS) is proud to announce a new partnership with Jimmy S.P.A. Plus Co., Ltd., which brings life to Jimmy Liao’s newest illustrated book, “All of My World Is You,” through virtual reality.

This unique partnership combines the technical animation capability of NAS, along with the fantastical creativity of Jimmy S.P.A. Plus. NAS will create a room-scale, fully immersive VR experience where fans can interact and explore illustrated scenes from the book — an experience that extends reading beyond the printed page.

NAS and Jimmy S.P.A. Plus work closely together on both the interactive storytelling and technical development for the project. Scenes from “All of My World Is You” have been masterfully recreated into four unique VR experiences. Each scene follows the emotional journey of the protagonist, a little girl coping with the loss of her beloved puppy. Important lessons on love and loss are gained through interactions with four characters from the book: a gardener who nurtures plants to adulthood only to watch them leave for greener pastures, a TV-addicted monster who can’t do anything without a screen in front of him, a concert pianist who has fallen on hard times, and a heartbroken woman dealing with the pains of her past.

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NAS and Discovery Education inspire students’ curiosity with animated news lessons

NAS and Discovery Education inspire students’ curiosity with animated news lessons

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (May 30, 2016) – Next Animation Studio (NAS) today announced a new partnership with Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms. Next Animation Studio will be providing 1,000 engaging, standards-aligned animated videos in the subjects of social studies, science and math that will be incorporated into Discovery Education’s award-winning Streaming Plus and Science Techbook™ services. Discovery Education’s services are available in half of U.S. classrooms.
The animated videos, produced by NAS, will be made available on a five-year, non-exclusive basis. The studio is primarily known for its news animations, which are seen globally on media outlets such as Reuters, MSN, Yahoo! News and Spanish-language television network Univision.

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